I can’t live without…

…These few items!

The snow is falling constantly here in Copenhagen, so I’ve naturally taken to a few items that help beat the harsh weather.

1 Claus Meyer’s Almanak – This monster of a recipe book is weekly-inspired by what is in season here in Denmark, with little snippets of facts about the produce and why it’s good for our health!
2 Acne Lambswool Scarf – A neck-saver for those windy days.
3 Cheap Monday Second-Skin pants – I’ll admit that all of my pants are Cheap Monday! I’m mostly made out of legs, so the high waist style gives me plenty of length and fits beautifully all around. Black is always a natural go-to during winter for me, so I’ve been enjoying this Hunter Green shade.
4 Second Female Ice Knit – Warm, versatile, you can throw a cotton tank-top under it or dress it up with a nice blouse. I love this knit for so many reasons!
5 Opinel wooden corkscrew – As an aspiring wine collector, I’ve learned about some quality corkscrews. This is a must have in the kitchen (especially during the dark days of winter!) or if you work at a wine bar. Not only is it gorgeous, but it’s probably one of the best French corkscrew/knife combinations around.
6 Dope Chelsea boots – These little boots have seen it all… rain, snow, heat. And with the right protection, they’ve lasted for a very long time! I love the Chelsea boot look, I think it’s timeless.
7 Forever 21 Faux Fur vest – I’m not so crazy about buying real fur, so when I saw this vest it was love at first sight. I tuck it under my BB Dakota cape coat (which doesn’t necessarily close in the front) and suddenly I’m warm as toast.
8 Alba Rainforest Acai Antioxidant Body Lotion – I’ve been an Alba advocate for so many years now. Their product line has something for everyone! I love this antioxidant lotion as well as the Hawaiian cocoa butter for hands + body. It rehydrates super dry skin and smells delicious. Also, if you’re looking for the perfect oil-free face moisturizer, I recommend the aloe & green tea.

1 comment
  1. Momma 'Lona said:

    You didn’t mention that the black fur (fake) vest was taken right off of the mannequin.

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