Early house-warming!

My wonderful mother has sent Anders and I an early house-warming package! I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised as I tore open all the wrappings. She sent not only practical house items, but some from the beloved Chester County in which I grew up back in Pennsylvania. I love how thoughtful the gifts were, it makes me miss home! What in your apartments are treasured items from home?


We received 12 of these fantastic wine tumblers from Cuvee. I have a feeling these will serve much more than wine… maybe some cognac or whiskey on cold nights!


hotel collection

Hotel Collection towels. I know why these are some of Oprah’s favorite things… the micro-cotton is unbelievably soft! I want to take a nap in these towels, they are so luxurious.



Hand crafted soap from Stonefield Soaps located in Chester County, PA. Immediately as I opened the box, these soaps filled the room with scents of Arabian Spice and Patchouli. They’re made with goat’s milk and shea butter and are chemical-free… m’mm. They smell so good!



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