My perfect jacket

So as I mentioned a moment ago, I’m packing for Barcelona!

And not only am I packing for a vacation, I’m packing to move. When I return, all of my things will be in the new apartment, yikes! Luckily most of my belongings fit into one big box and a couple Ikea bags. As I’ve been packing I noticed one important thing: I’m lacking a proper winter jacket. You know, the kind of jacket that is long, resists all kinds of weather, AND looks good?! Well, I’m very picky, so I can never find that perfect jacket… until now.


You can find it here in two colorways. I’m saving every øre for this classic parka.




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  1. I can relate: I had the perfect camera case in mind, with certain pockets and a quick-open feature for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. I found exactly what I wanted, very surprised as I was asking for a particular combination of features, in a high-end brand. When it comes to protecting camera gear, only go for the high end. The price was pleasing, too. Now if I just had the perfect jacket to go with it…

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