A Resting Ocean

photo-20Yesterday Anders and I cycled out to the frozen ocean. It can be worth a venture into the cold even if the skies have been light grey all day. Out in this side of Amagerstrand there are small villages with even smaller houses that people in the city use to escape. It is the perfect place to be in the summer, right by the ocean with all your summer flowers and the freshest air… oh how I miss the sun!

Today we’re off to Ikea to pick up our new couch! Then we’ll be cooking dinner for Anders’ father since he’s driving us… we’re thinking confit de canard. And for dessert I’m making an adaptation of my friend Josh’s parsnip cake, who works at Noma’s Nordic Food Lab. It looks absolutely delicious!


  1. hearthstrung said:

    sounds like a great day. let me know how the cake turns out!

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