Anti-theft Summer

So aside from barely one serious crime committed in Copenhagen a year, there’s virtually nothing to worry about except for pick-pockets. Unfortunately, many people I know have had their phones stolen.  My poor boyfriend even had his stolen twice within one year! These pick-pockets are clever and crafty, I’ve got to hand it to them. Copenhagen caught on to the first act about 6 months ago: a young kid would come into cafes or bars, anywhere someone was sitting with their phone or wallet out, and he’d place a piece of horribly scribbled-on paper and point to something he wanted. During the distraction, he’d then slide the phone from under the paper into his pocket. Gone. Now, the new tactic seems to be a group walking by having fun randomly going up to folks doing “karate” moves. As they do this, they’ll reach into your pocket and take whatever they can grab. Phone, wallet… again, gone.

Now I’m beginning to doubt the ever-loved pocket. No matter where your belongings are, someone clever enough is bound to find a way to steal it. Now that spring and summer are around the corner, the amount of pockets will decrease to simply your pants or handbag: even easier to physically spot and grab. I’ve been wanting to find some way to carry the few items you may need going out, phone & credit cards, that can’t be easily taken, or at least can be felt. For instance, a leather pouch to hang around your neck. You’ll totally know if someone tries to snag it! It fits underneath or outside of a shirt, and it’s not a fashion faux pas. I’ve seen a few styles floating around but the most simple and practical (and affordable) is in stores at Cos. I’m definitely investing in this to have a worry-free summer!

Leather phone pouch

Leather phone pouch


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