Yippee, another year older!

I’ve been smothered by birthday greetings all day — I feel so loved! I’ll write later about some of the gifts I’ve received :). Today I went to the zoo with my Danish class, it was really cool to see the isbørne og sæler (polar bears and seals) playing around. Afterwards I stopped by the opening of & Other Stories, H&M’s new brand. Their look is killer, I immediately fell in love with these pants and top for Spring:

(product name angle)
(product name angle)

Now that I’m getting older, my skin is too (ew). I took a little tour around the Kiehl’s store yesterday because I’m looking to restock in my daily cleansing / moisturizing products. I’m running low! And so I thought, why not try something new? My daily routine consisted of iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, Alba Oil-Free Aloe & Green Tea Moisturizer, and Garnier BB Cream. I love them all, but still my skin seems to be super dry. At Kiehl’s I looked for a system that consistently included moisture and was recommended the following products. The woman I chatted with was happy to give me samples, and so far, so good! The Ultra Facial Cleanser is mild but works hard, and the Clearly Corrective serum feels extra light-weight. To top it off, the Damage-Correcting Moisturizer gives my face great coverage and tone, and it already feels more hydrated. The titles of these products sound kinda scary, but I’d rather deeply correct my skin now rather than looking like an old catcher’s mitt when I’m 60!

Ultra Facial Cleanser

Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution

Açaí Damage-Correcting Moisturizer


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