The weekend after Anders and I moved in, we biked to the end of our block to den blå hal… a huge flea market, which isn’t even blue. We paid ten kroners each to enter antique heaven and left with many goodies. The best part was probably how well our bargaining skills charmed the vendors… I think it evoked a small competition between us! Regardless of all the crap stacked up in piles, there were beautiful old hat boxes, an entire room full of antique Royal Copenhagen, nicely weathered letterpress drawers, and this stuff we snatched:

This beautiful clock is a Zienzle Uhren, one of Germany’s oldest clockmakers. It’s proving hard to determine exactly what year this dates back to, but judging by the bauhaus-ish number system, I’d assume it’s from early 1930’s.


We also found this big parking sign! After buying it, I noticed a few interior blogs with this “P” hiding in a few arrangements… who knew it was trending.


And my favorite silly find: this old James Dean mug. It features three film posters, the only ones he ever starred in and became famous for.


photo-19Last but not least, we found this gorgeous Raadvad Danish bread slicer for a great price. Some of these models date back to 1880! It’s still sharp and functional, and I fell in love with the rustic yellow color.

Other things we found were an oriental rug, the movie 9 1/2 weeks on DVD (haha), a very old Danish “våbenskjold” cast iron bottle opener, and some woolen bordeaux fabric which I sewed two button-envelope pillows out of! I’ll post photos of the pillows soon 🙂