…From my parents! They came to see me in Copenhagen for the past 2 weeks, and 5 of those days were spent in London. It was such a treat going to London again, it’s been a solid 3 years since my last visit. We spent our time here in CPH visiting wine bars, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Den Blå Planet (Denmark’s newest aquarium), strolling about flea markets, and a few days in Hesnæs (a beautiful beach down south). Then off to London! We split up a few days since I’ve seen most tourist-y things, so Anders and I chilled out along Brick Lane, Camden canals, Hackney, and Old Street. Oh yeah, and a “little” bit of shopping on Oxford. What a week!


Warhol a-go-go


Mama Mia

IMG_0171 IMG_0172


IMG_0177 IMG_0179

Sheep furniture… want

IMG_0183 IMG_0187





So excited for art


Feeling electric

IMG_0224 IMG_0232 IMG_0234




Spot the cat…


Vintage shopping


Sun galore in London


Live painting thing in Hackney, woo!


Pernille Snedker Hansen, aka Snedker Studio, is on the hunt for some new branding of her work… so of course I looked into it and… holy crow! What incredible art she makes with wood and coloring. At first I admired her finished pieces but was even more pleased to find she also has a video to explain the process. Taking old techniques of marbling and applying them to the natural growth of wood sounds difficult enough, but her explorations create a successful harmony. How fun would it be to have wood floors like this in your home?

Hej verden! I’ve had a fun past few days… I helped my good friends at WAAITT move into their new studio (it’s gorgeous), and I have also started Danish classes. The classes are an intensive 4-days a week for 3 hours each day. My professor thinks I have begun in a module too easy for me, though. Looks like I’ll be moving up a bit faster, which is quite good/surprising news! Getting back to WAAITT, they’re participating in an exhibition I am super excited to attend this Friday at VESS. They’ll be showing along with many other talented artists, so if you’re free in CPH, stop by!