My good friends at Double Standard in Malmö, Sweden, have just switched their webshop to the new Swedish online store The site is free to create a web shop and includes a few nice features upon initial launch – apparently they have plans to add a forum and more extensions to customize the shop templates. The current templates are no fuss and beautifully minimal. There isn’t one that I don’t like! I think it’s a great concept for independent stores, or even if you’re a girl with a lot of second-hand clothes to sell.

Check out their new webshop and “like” them on Facebook! :


Pernille Snedker Hansen, aka Snedker Studio, is on the hunt for some new branding of her work… so of course I looked into it and… holy crow! What incredible art she makes with wood and coloring. At first I admired her finished pieces but was even more pleased to find she also has a video to explain the process. Taking old techniques of marbling and applying them to the natural growth of wood sounds difficult enough, but her explorations create a successful harmony. How fun would it be to have wood floors like this in your home?

Hej verden! I’ve had a fun past few days… I helped my good friends at WAAITT move into their new studio (it’s gorgeous), and I have also started Danish classes. The classes are an intensive 4-days a week for 3 hours each day. My professor thinks I have begun in a module too easy for me, though. Looks like I’ll be moving up a bit faster, which is quite good/surprising news! Getting back to WAAITT, they’re participating in an exhibition I am super excited to attend this Friday at VESS. They’ll be showing along with many other talented artists, so if you’re free in CPH, stop by!

It is with complete pleasure to say that I am for the first time, a proud owner of the Massimo Vignelli Stendig Calendar. Ever since I began design university, I dreamed of having this hanging above my bed, and I just love how big it is. This 2013 season it was given to me by my Mother and arrived in quite a fashion– Anders and I were hosting a small studio dinner and the calendar arrived by post merely minutes before people arrived. What bizarre timing! Here you can see another part of our cozy kitchen, it’s all coming along nicely.

As a bonus, my cat Marmalade felt compelled to attend the photo shoot. She’s the best!


Monocle Monocle Monocle

One year ago I attempted to start a blog documenting my life in Denmark but only managed to write a single post. One year wiser with plenty of great experiences, (plus a good 20 minutes of trying to remember my password), I’m back! I wish to share with you all the wonderful things I enjoy here in Scandinavia: food, wine, interior & graphic design, fashion, and everything in between. I’m just a simple American girl learning a new way of life and hope you find inspiration in my posts.

Anyhow, much has happened in my life since this issue of Monocle was published, and I’m happy to admit it’s been a positive ride. Although it’s been a year, I still find myself curled up with a cup of coffee + this survey. It highlights many great aspects of Denmark and reminds me of all the things I still need to explore! As delighted as I was to find this issue last Christmas, I additionally bought their newspaper edition named Alpino. It gave me many ideas for winter get-aways and cozy tips to enjoy the cold weather. And, being that it’s around the Christmas holiday now, what could be better than giving a subscription of Monocle to a loved one?