This past weekend Finderskeepers threw their design/clothing market at Korsgadehallen. There were tons of sellers with handmade jewellery, big color-block posters, and screen prints galore. My friends Double Standard, WAAITT, My Buemann, and Liv Caroline looked great at their tables. I spotted a cool sweatshirt style leather top from Hide and noticed that soon they’ll have a webshop.

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Silence & Noise Within the Lines Cardigan

In San Francisco last summer I purchased this awesome cardigan… in a terrible color (the image on the left is just to show the back). And so I only wore this knit cardigan maybe twice, because WHAT was I thinking? It goes with literally nothing in my wardrobe, let alone my skin tone, but I couldn’t kiss it goodbye just yet. That’s when I remembered this thing called color dye which saves bad shopping decisions, like mine! So during a week of my flu-part-two, I set forth to the washing machine and threw a bunch of ill-colored clothing in it with navy blue dye and voilà, issue resolved. Three sand/beige cotton tops, one pastel pink cotton cardigan (which look terrible on someone who has anemic-like / transparent skin as I do) and one knit later = navy blue sailor style all over. Quite the save. However, the best part is that the puke green knit came out to a lovely deep hunter green… it looks so damn good, I’ll toot my own horn!

Next up: apartment status report.


In just about three weeks time I’m moving with my lovely Anders into our own apartment! There’s nothing quite like starting over in a new place, purging the old clutter and making way for the new. I live for the opportunity to go through old boxes one last time and decide to keep or toss something. And of course, I love re-organizing.

We’ve been earnestly discussing how to get creative with storage, furniture, decorating/framing, and kitchen item things. Scouring the internet for inspiration, Anders and I came across some golden ideas and some copper pots, ha! Well as the time gets closer to the move, I’ll write about our progress and any little trinkets we acquire, so stay tuned!

What are some of your favorite DIY pieces in your little homes?

1 Storage Box Idea

This great storage idea from Apartment Therapy is comprised of IKEA boxes and simple binder clips. But why spend money on a bunch of IKEA boxes when there are boxes being tossed out every day? I have been salvaging vegetable crates that you can find at any grocery store, they’re everywhere! If you’re worried about cleanliness, just take a coat of clear sealant to them and add a bit of color to the inside like the IKEA idea. They’re sturdy enough to hold veggies, so they can hold your books as well! With hardly any money spent on the boxes, perhaps you can save up for fancier support instead of binder clips.

2 Tripod Light

Anders has a broken tripod somewhere, so this idea from My Second Hand Life is perfect. Combined with some white strings of holiday lights I have around the window, it will give a nice soft light during the evening.

3 Pallet Love Seat

Some more free wood! My good friends Maurice and Astrid made their own 2-person pallet couch and Astrid did a lovely job sewing some dark grey cushions. They threw a Greenlandic reindeer skin on to keep their bums warm. Smart.

4 Copper Cookware

Cooking is like breathing. You do it every day. You need it. You don’t generally breathe in crap, so why cook with crap? I’m SO looking forward to investing in some proper cookware, and I’m definitely a sucker for copper. I’m into the new technology of stainless steel inner with copper outer– it reduces the risk of copper getting into your food if damage occurs, still heats food ridiculously fast, and just looks beautiful. I’m fond of brands like All-Clad, but I drool for a cookware set from Mauviel.