As I mentioned before, I did some shopping in London! It was really fun to visit the huge stores on Oxford… you can literally get lost in them — Topshop & Topman even has a store map to help you navigate! After a long stroll, I picked up some nude Nevada lipstick from Topshop and gushed over the perfect summer boot. I also found a French linen tunic shirt from Uniqlo and a striped crop top at American Apparel, which I’ll wear for those breezy summer nights.

The next day we visited Brick Lane which is full of vintage stores, where I found a pair of amazingly altered Gap leather shorts at Beyond Retro, and an even better blouse-bomber pullover.

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photo-34 photo-35

Next vacation is to Berlin in June, and I couldn’t be more excited! Last time I visited, I found an insane amount of cool vintage clothes. Summer is starting to look great! 🙂


…From my parents! They came to see me in Copenhagen for the past 2 weeks, and 5 of those days were spent in London. It was such a treat going to London again, it’s been a solid 3 years since my last visit. We spent our time here in CPH visiting wine bars, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Den Blå Planet (Denmark’s newest aquarium), strolling about flea markets, and a few days in Hesnæs (a beautiful beach down south). Then off to London! We split up a few days since I’ve seen most tourist-y things, so Anders and I chilled out along Brick Lane, Camden canals, Hackney, and Old Street. Oh yeah, and a “little” bit of shopping on Oxford. What a week!


Warhol a-go-go


Mama Mia

IMG_0171 IMG_0172


IMG_0177 IMG_0179

Sheep furniture… want

IMG_0183 IMG_0187





So excited for art


Feeling electric

IMG_0224 IMG_0232 IMG_0234




Spot the cat…


Vintage shopping


Sun galore in London


Live painting thing in Hackney, woo!


So it’s the end of February and still no sign that winter is letting up any time soon. My bike is in the shop so I’ve been walking everywhere for the past few days. That’s when I remembered how easily the cold ground numbs the feet! I wish I’ve had these leather booties from AllSaints to walk in. A little heel to keep off the frozen ground.

photo-20Yesterday Anders and I cycled out to the frozen ocean. It can be worth a venture into the cold even if the skies have been light grey all day. Out in this side of Amagerstrand there are small villages with even smaller houses that people in the city use to escape. It is the perfect place to be in the summer, right by the ocean with all your summer flowers and the freshest air… oh how I miss the sun!

Today we’re off to Ikea to pick up our new couch! Then we’ll be cooking dinner for Anders’ father since he’s driving us… we’re thinking confit de canard. And for dessert I’m making an adaptation of my friend Josh’s parsnip cake, who works at Noma’s Nordic Food Lab. It looks absolutely delicious!



Merry Christmas from Barcelona!

My family and I are only a few days into our trip and we’ve already seen so much. The apartment we’re staying at is in a great neighborhood and we can get to many places by foot — Barcelona is full of big boulevards and quaint little alleyways. I think my favorite part is simply getting lost :). Yesterday we visited La Sagrada Familia and ate at two fantastic restaurants: Euskal Etxea and Montiel Restaurante (espai gastronomic). Plenty of delicious fish tapas and at Montiel I had a spice sausage rice dish with the biggest portion of lobster I’ve ever seen! On Friday, my brother Christopher and I ventured out to a wine bar named El Bitxo, an old-fashioned cocktail bar called Ginger, and managed to stumble upon a Spanish club for some dancing. The photo above is of a refreshing young white wine I had at El Bitxo, and the name Menganito (Verdejo) translates to “John Doe”… All of their wine labels were so clever!

Since most of the city’s restaurants will be closed these next few days, we’ll be visiting the museums including Picasso, Dali, and perhaps rent a car and visit Monserrat! I’m looking forward to heading into the Spanish mountains, they are absolutely breath-taking.

I’m shooting our trip with film, so eventually I’ll get the rolls developed and scanned and share some.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Yesterday I got back from a relaxing 4-day trip in Hesnæs, a cozy little town in the south of Denmark. The folks I know down there are musicians and so every year they have “Christmas in Hesnæs” with a handful of their students… a handful being 18 of us! The house was full of music and delicious food, decoration-making, Christmas movies, and lots of wine and juleøl. We took long walks in the forest and by the beach, where Anders took this great photograph of me.

Now I’m only home for one more night until I hop on a plane to meet my family in Barcelona where we’ll be having Christmas this year! I’ll be sure to write about all the places we’ll go and visit… I couldn’t be more excited :). This December feels like it’s Christmas every day, I’m lucky to have such a great year!